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Official Statement about
Volunteering as Assitant City Treasurer

When Doug Shultz started volunteering in the Escondido Treasury Department, Escondido City Treasurer Ken Hugins gave him the title “Assistant City Treasurer,” a voluntary role, as distinguished from an official or paid role. Mr. Shultz’s role in the Treasurer’s office was approved by the City Manager, City Attorney and the Human Resources Department. The title “Assistant Treasurer” was chosen specifically because it was not confused with any title described in the municipal code or policy.


Doug Shultz volunteered his time to serve his city, and in lending his expertise, not only created real value for taxpayers, but he also gained valuable experience and awareness of the city’s finances that make him exceptionally well qualified to serve in the role of City Treasurer.  It’s discouraging that another candidate would try to diminish Mr. Shultz for his public service volunteerism. 

This statement and confirmation of it's accuracy from the current City Treasurer Ken Hugins has been posted in the Times Advocate.

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